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Refrigerator temperature 

Run surveillance on your refrigerator. We can do both the temperature and the compressor.

  • The temperature is monitored to ensure it is within the temperature-limits.
  • The compressor is monitored to identify if its power consumption profile changing, and it is therefore suspected to fail soon.
  • By combining the two meters, it is also possible to warn you if the door to the refrigerator is opened. 

You can choose freely which of the surveillance you prefer - you do not need one to make the other run.

Sensors used: TempMoni and/or PowerMoni Spot.

Method: The TempMoni sensor is simply put inside the refrigerator, and the PowerMoni on the cable to the compressor.

Alarm set-up: is added automatically for refrigerator unit types, or can be added manually to other unit types. No other set-up is needed, however the temperature limits can be adjusted.