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By combining our robust, easy-to-install sensors with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we can deliver a vast number of automatic alarms and monitoring modules. A part of these modules are described in short below.

It is all running on recalc.remoni.com, described under Products.


Detect leaks in your water supply, to avoid damages from leaking water and water waste.


Monitor the cooling of hot water from each part of your heating installations, to identify where the water is not cooled sufficient, and money and heat are therefore wasted. 


Monitor that your water purification is running; i.e.:

  • There are flow in pipes.
  • The pump is running.


Removing large stand-by consumption can help you save both power and money.

If your boiler waste a lot of energy, no-one will complain as long as there is hot water in the tap, but your bill might blow up.

If the ventilation aggregate is running all day and night, there is probably a failure in the control system - typically a hanging switch, or programming error. This type of error is often not identified, and the energy consumption for both ventilation and heat/air-condition will therefore be unnecessary high for a long period of time.

If you suspect a leak in your pipes (water, hot water, coolant, etc.) you can identify the leak area without breaking into the system. The FlowMoni Spot sensors are simply stripped onto the pipes for the different parts of your installations, and run for a few days, to identify if the flow goes to zero, at least once a day.

If your water hoses or pipes are broken, the pump will run all the time, and if our buffer tank is out of air, the pump will do many starts and stops. In such cases, you will save both repair costs and water, if you are notified in time.

The filter in your ventilation system ensure that impurities do not pollute your air, but it clogs over time. Filters are typically changed according to a time table, but the need may vary, and sometimes one forgets... so let's send you a message when we detect that the filter might be clogged.

There are many "hidden" filters in the technical installation. E.g. your water supply or central heating system typically has a filter to ensure that impurities do not pollute or damage the system. Filters are typically serviced according to schedule, if serviced at all. Let's send you a message when we detect that the filter might be clogged.

Run surveillance on your refrigerator. We can do both, the temperature and the compressor.

  • The temperature is monitored to ensure it is within the temperature-limits.
  • The compressor is monitored to identify if its power consumption profile changing, and it is therefore suspected to fail soon.
  • By combining the two sensors, it is also possible to warn you if the door to the refrigerator is opened. 


If the ventilation starts spending more energy than normal, in the running cycle, it might need service. I.e. if the bearings are worn out, or there is dirt in the fan. Both, indicate that service is needed, before the ventilation breaks down.

Get a warning if your PV (photo voltage) unit (aka solar panels) stop delivering power.

PV (photo voltage) installations are typically sold with maximum 1 % yearly fall in power generation. By clamping a sensor on the inverter, the actual efficiency can be followed.

"Hidden" pumps help you every day. They remove excess water to protect your building, taking care of waste water, deliver fresh water, etc. If these pumps stop working properly, you risk substantial damage to your building and what is inside them. By running artificial intelligence on the pumps, we use both the running patterns of the pump, and similar pumps close by, to identify irregularities, and warn you before the breakdown.

We are currently implementing and testing a number of modules. We will add new modules, and update the use-case descriptions continuously, but please let us know if we miss some - we would love to improve it.

Please note that all the alarms we can do with a Spot sensor, can also be done with a Pro sensor/meter.