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ReMoni Excel Report Template

The template is a free help for you to fetch data directly from the ReMoni portal, into Excel. 

You get

  • Data from units belonging to the user logged into the spreadsheet.
  • The data are fetched from the ReMoni API, so all information in the spreadsheet can be accessed directly from the API too. 

How it works

  • Login with a valid username and password to get all the data.
  • Check the sheets and the comments to choose the data you want.
  • Now you got the data directly in Excel, and is ready to present them as you please.

It is free

Please download it, and test it out for yourself.

We love to help you with small free tools, but please bear with us if they are not perfect. They are meant to help you well under way, but comes with no warrants or guaranties.

Feel free to change and distribute the template.