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FlowMoni are our patented non-invasive flow sensors, measuring flow of fluids in pipes. The sensors are clamped on the outside of pipes of various pipe dimensions.

FlowMoni Spot is an indicative flow sensor, used for surveillance and alarms.

FlowMoni Pro is a precise volumetic flow sensor, used as a main or sub-meter which can be clamped on the outside of the pipes, and calibrated to give the volumetric flow.            

FlowMoni measuring data that is transmitted wireless to the ReMoni gateway and therefrom to the ReMoni cloud (ReCalc) solution.

FlowMoni Spot 

FlowMoni Spot is an indicative flow sensor, used for surveillance and alarms. It is simply mounted onto the outside of the pipe you wish to monitor using four cable ties. The in-build data-logger and wireless radio makes it very easy to install and set up for online monitoring.

Measurement specifications:

  • Installation: Clamped-on outside pipes.
  • Pipe types: Metal, plastic (different materials).
  • Pipe sizes: FlowMoni Spot works independent of the pipe dimension.
  • Typical installation time: 3 minutes.
  • Measurement level: Down to single device.
  • Measuring value: Indication of flow.

Data and communication specifications:

  • Data-logger: FlowMoni Spot has a data logger and wireless radio built-in.
  • Wireless communication: Please see remoni.com/products/data-chain/wireless-communication/
  • Standard parameters:
    • Sampling rate: Each second (1 Hz). Can be adjusted from cloud (ReCalc).
    • Transmission rate: Each 15 minutes. Can be adjusted from cloud (ReCalc).

FlowMoni Pro (coming later)

FlowMoni Pro is wireless ultrasonic flow sensor which can be calibrated for actual volume-metric flow.

  • Installation: Clamp-on outside pipes.
  • Pipe: Metal (e.g. stainless steel, galvanized steel) and plastic (e.g. PVC, PE, PEX, PP).
  • Measurement: Volumetric measurement in pipes with water and other fluids.
  • Measuring method: Piezoelectric ultrasonic.
  • Data transmission: FlowMoni Pro has a data logger and wireless radio built in.
  • Wireless communication: Please see remoni.com/products/data-chain/wireless-communication/