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Self-learning alarms

The ReCalc solution includes our self learning alarm modules, to monitor your technical installations, in an easy way. The alarm modules use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate alarms, warnings, and service & maintenance information, when needed.

The alarms work on basis of granular data from our sensors, and collected data from other similar systems. Advanced statistical models ensure the self-learning alarm models, allowing the user to activate surveillance without the need of being a domain expert.

Furthermore, the  alarms, warnings and information can be differentiated to relevant user groups and media to ensure the message gets through, without overloading the receiver. E.g. some messages go to operation personal on SMS, some on e-mail, and other to service personal on the Web.

Both, the standard self-learning alarms and communication modules, are included in the standard subscription. 

You can see a demo of the Web alarm-overview at recalc.remoni.com/alarm

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