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ReMoni sustainability cloud portalReCalc: the ReMoni Cloud


ReCalc is where you have all the fun, e.g.:

  • Alarms and warnings, using artificial intelligence.
  • Graphical views.
  • Set-up of units, parameters, users, etc.

See a demo of the ReMoni's portal at ReCalc.ReMoni.com

Our ReCalc solution includes our self learning alarm modules, to monitor your technical installations, in an easy way. The alarm modules use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate alarms, warnings, and service & maintenance information, when needed.


Access data through our API (Application Programming Interface) at api.remoni.com.

The ReMoni data chain is well protected, using state-of-the-art solutions.

ReCalc is the place to find technical info.

Sensors, meters, energy harvesters, etc. are described under Sensors

Gateway, Repeater etc. are described under Data-chain