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Wireless communication to and from sensors

The ReMoni platform uses wireless communication of data to and from sensors. The gateway is routing data from sensors to our Recalc portal, and parameter settings from ReCalc to the sensors.

We offer a coherent data chain solution, so you avoid the risk of different vendor systems not working together. 

Each gateway can receive data from up to 500 sensors. When more gateways are used, they will distribute the signals from the sensors themselves. If multiple gateways are used, it will make the system redundant and hence even more robust.


Wireless communication specifications

  • Network type: Star topology.
  • Transmission range (to/from senors): >750 m, line-in-sight.
  • Data transmission rate: Adjustable, from cloud. Down to one transmission each minute, which can hold multiple measurements.
  • Heartbeat: Each sensor sends a heartbeat every 5 minutes, to
  • Immunity: Robust to external mobile signals (internal LTE-filter).
  • Data security: Encryption: AES 128
  • Transmission load: Each sensor communicates less than 0.1 % of the time, in total.