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Product overview

The basic ReMoni solutions consist of sensors and meters, that are clamped non-invasively on the outside of existing cables, pipes, etc., to measure the flow of power, heat and water. The sensors contain a data-logger, which sends data wireless to ReCalc through a gateway. ReCalc  run the self-learning alarms, data storage, user interfaces and an API for integrating with other solutions.

See the sub-menus for the individual products. 


 "Our core secret is to use complex mathematical models, rather than expensive and complex hardware."


Your benefits

The ReMoni solutions differentiate from other solutions in the market by:

  1. Clamp-on wireless sensors to ensure easy and low-cost installation.
  2. Self-learning automatic alarms, so you do not need expert knowledge to set-up your monitoring system.
  3. Coherent end-to-end data-chain to ensure the system is robust and easy to set-up.
  4. Ownership and full access to the data for the customer.
  5. Integration to other systems, made easy using our cloud Rest API.
  6. Maintenance-free Self-learning alarms, and avoidance of  battery-replacement.  
  7. Quality All ReMoni products are built for long lasting, and tested individually before being shipped from the factory.
  8. Cost-efficient naturally.

All-in-all the ReMoni solutions give you overview of your technical installations, in an easy, cost-efficient and robust way.