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List prices

The following list prices apply to our products. If you buy multiple products, the stated discounts/kick-backs are subtracted from the list prices.
The actual prices might naturally deviate from the list prices.


Number     Name List price
1001001 PowerMoni Spot 125 €
1002001 PowerMoni Pro 150 €
1003001  FlowMoni Spot 125 €
1004001  FlowMoni Pro 150 €
1005001  HeatMoni Spot 125 €
1006001  HeatMoni Pro 150 €
5003001  Spot sensor incl. lifetime standard subscription 170 €
5004001  Pro sensor incl. lifetime standard subscription 195 €

Access Point module 1

125 €
5005001 Repeater, incl. power supply 125 €
5002002  Raspberry Pi, incl. box and power supply 2  50 €
5005002 Gateway, incl. Raspberry Pi, Access Point and Power supply 175 €
3001001 USB dongle for mobile data. Shipped without SIM card 3 50 €


Discounts on hardware


10 %


15 %


 20 %


25 %


1: The access point module is incl. cable and micro SD card with firmware, and excl. Rasberry Pi.

2: A Raspberry Pi 2 incl. box and power supply is shipped to you. You are most welcome to supply it yourself if you prefer. The micro SD card with the needed firmware is supplied with the Access Point module. The firmware will extend it to operate on other boards too, when needed. The discounts do not apply to third party products like the Raspberry Pi since we simply ship it as a service - if you can supply it much cheaper than our list price, please let us know. 

3: Mobile data dongles vary a lot, and only the dongles listed at the gateway site are tested with the gateway. You are most welcome to buy the dongles yourself, but please use on of the listed dongles to ensure stable operation of it.



Number     Name List price
2001001 Standard subscription 1,3 1 € per sensor per month
2002001 Mini subscription 2,3 0.5 € per sensor per month

Discounts on subscriptions

100-1k  10 %
1k-10k 15 %
10k-100k  20 %
100k-  25 %

1: The Standard subscription includes full data volume, all standard alarms both simple and self-learning, use of the ReCalc portal, and use of the cloud API.
2: The Mini subscription is for simple metering, where data are fetched from the sensor once a day, and no alarms are running.
3: All subscriptions are payed yearly in advance. The sensors need a subscription to run. 


  • If you are a recurring customer in our web-shop, the volume discounts are deducted automatically.
  • If you are a re-seller with an expected turnover of at least 1000 units a year, you are welcome to contact us to discuss options of becoming an official partner with the belonging benefits. 
  • Please note that all list prices etc. can be updated without warning.