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The people behind ReMoni

The core team consists of highly experienced people, helped by a number of part-time specialists, student developers and interns. All to help building a strong solution.

Bo Eskerod Madsen

Bo Eskerod Madsen - CEO. Is the founder of ReMoni. Bo has been working on the concept since he invented it to solve the monitoring problems revealed in research projects on energy waste. Prior to founding ReMoni, Bo has obtained a PhD degree in the field, and lead a team that have developed a number of monitoring systems on commerical basis. Read more at www.linkedin.com/in/boeskerodmadsen.

Ole PuggaardOle Puggaard - Sales & Management 
Experienced Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in highly competitive markets. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, International Business, Operations Management and Business Planning. Strong sales professional with a NLP Business Practioner from Rovsing Management Academy. 

Helping you save CO2 & energy via our disrupting IoT Sensors, Big Data, ReCalc, AI & Blockchain - Patented of course.

Flemming Würtz Andersen - Chairman of the board and investor

Jesper Haugaard – Business developer and Board member

Mogens Durup Nielsen

Mogens Durup Nielsen - Business Developer and Board member

Louise Hoberg Mortensen

Louise Hoberg Mortensen - Administration

Julie Brogaard - Office assistant 

Eva Lund Sørensen - Communications and marketing assistant

Maybrit Eriksen - Financial Management

Mikal Schacht Jensen

Mikal Schacht Jensen - Software Developer

Kasper Myung Nørtoft

Kasper Myung Nørtoft - Software Developer

Asger Graarup Overby

Asger Graarup Overby - Embedded Software developer

Kim SchneiderKim Schneider - Embedded Software developer

Peter Tartari

Peter Tatari - Product Developer

Per Melchior Larse

Per Melchior Larsen - Electronics developer

Peter Høgh Mikkelsen

Peter Høgh Mikkelsen - Electronics developer

Niels Uth

Niels Uth - IPR specialist

Katrine Mark

Katrine Mark – Graphical designer

Elisabeta ScribaElisabeta Scriba - Software Developer 

Apinayan Mohanathas - Software Developer


Anders Dalsgaard NorlykAnders Dalsgaard Norlyk - Electronics Engineer 

Mads Mørk Beck - Electronics Engineer 

Ragnar Gwyn Dixen- Electronics Engineer 


Tonni Nybo Follmann - Electronics Engineer


Rasmus LadegaardRasmus Ladegaard - Mechanical Engineer 

Mark Damholt Thomas - Student worker in Business engineering

And - yes we know: ReMoni is developed by nerds....so you don't have to be one!