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Monitor Technical Installations and Energy

Clamp-on Monitoring with Cloud Artificial Intelligence

We want to save resources and energy, using a number of advantages, compared to others.


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Clamp-on sensors - easy installation at a low cost

The non-invasive ReMoni sensors make the installation process fast and easy at existing cables, pipes, etc.

No cutting existing installation, minimize risk of damaging the existing installation, and allows installation without turning off your production.

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Self-learning surveillance 

We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to deliver an ever improving set of alarms and notifications to you. 

It is easy to set up, and you can receive a message in case of abnormal operation.

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Open integration to your other systems

There is direct online integration to your existing systems through our standard REST API (Application Programming Interface). It is your data, so you are free to use them as you please, and combine them with other data, as you please. See more here.


Robust and secure data chain

We ensure stability, by taking responsibility of the entire data chain, from the sensor, over the data-logger, wireless secured connection with our ReCalc portal. Hereby you avoid the classical risk of sub-systems which do not work together.

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Remote access

Our ReCalc allows you to access the solution from both mobile and web, and get alarms and warnings remotely.


Energy management made easyEnergy management using granular data

The cost efficient ReMoni sensors allow you to get the data you need for cost efficient energy management, commissioning, and demand-response, on the single critical device.

Share knowledge easy

We make it easy to share the causes of alarms easy, so you get it next time a similar alarm is raised. 

In this way you get knowledge from colleagues and subcontractors at hand, when and where you need it.

Get real data to comply with CSR and regulations

Comply with energy consumption and carbon emission regulations while you save money, and ensure functionality of your technical installations.

ReMoni helps you getting robust data for your CSR accounting, and complying standards and certifications such as the ESOS, ISO 50001, the Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Proposition 39, IEE Intelligent Energy Europe, and LEED.

"We will optimize surveillance of your critical devices by retrofit them to the Internet of Things (IoT)"